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Welcome to the Teagle Portal. This is a project related to the Panlab concept. The Teagle Portal provides information about our partner testbeds and allows you to manage your Private Virtual Test Lab.

What is a Private Virtual Test Lab?

A Private Virtual Test Lab is a testbed that is composed by a number of distributed software and hardware components situated in existing testbeds across Europe. It provides you with a testing and prototyping environment that supports your very specific requirements.

For example use cases, please see the Panlab use case page.

What is Teagle?

Teagle is the central coordination instance that holds together all our partner test labs that are needed to provide you with the maximum range of testing and prototyping possibilities. All our partner labs form a federation of testbeds.

Via Teagle you can:

  • Browse resources provided by Panlab Partner labs
  • Configure and deploy your own Private Virtual Test Lab
  • Register new resources to be provided by the federation

For latest information please access our WIKI.